Public relations is one of the most dynamic and flexible industries in the world, but the whole sector will become unchanged in five years unless the eye changes.

There are 3.7 billion people under the age of 30 in the world – about half of the world’s population. In order to establish what the future of the PR industry looks like in 2020, we must first establish what viewers will see. Tanjid Ahmed is the founder and CEO of Yeager Digital

Yeager Digital is a digital native that is driven by life satisfaction, transparency, ethics and connectivity. Whether B2B or B2C, it is guaranteed that the PR industry will interact directly with the millennium with each turn – but what is the best way to communicate with this diverse group? The most effective way to reach the millennium is digitally.

Meet Tanjid Ahmed, a man who literally made himself a hero from scratch. Tanjid Ahmed was born in Chittagong, a small town in Bangladesh. His father Mesbah Uddin was a lowly common man and Tanjid and his family often had to sleep on empty stomachs at night. As much as Tanjid wanted his father, he still had many more ambitions and aspirations in his life. Tanzid’s motivation was to make his parents happy and to lead a comfortable life in their old age.

After finishing high school at an early age, Tanjid Ahmed moved to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. He was endowed with determination and hope of youth and Dhaka was the perfect place to start his journey. Tanjid has always been comfortable with digital marketing and in the past worked as an intern with social media and marketing houses he used these good experiences and connections to land himself a good job in the industry. Today his client has a wide variety of people. Anyone can hire his services if he wants approval for his product or business. He also specializes in content creation and advises his clients on networking and search engine optimization.

Tanjid Ahmed’s courage and determination to make a name for himself are what put him at the top of his game. Right now, his plan for the future will be recognized as the best in his field, a goal not too far away for someone as talented as him.