Pooja Desai’s channel on the web, WebWaliTV has everything it takes to entertain viewers on the digital space.

Manmohan Desai & Shammi Kapoor’s granddaughter Pooja Desai’s WebWaliTV, an entertainer on the digital space

Pooja Desai, the granddaughter of late Producer-Director Manmohan Desai (paternal) and legendary actor Shammi Kapoor (maternal) comes from a film family, and has worked in the Indian Film Industry for a long time. She was assistant to film maker Farah Khan in the movie Om Shanti On.

Pooja has now shifted domain and is putting her creative ideas into play on the web space. Her web channel WebWaliTV was launched six months back and she is working towards bringing interesting shows on the web space.

Says Pooja Desai in an exclusive talk to IWMBuzz.com, “Internet is the next and final frontier of viewership. I initially intended to direct a movie, but then I realized that internet is a fast place where one can express democracy and exhibit their work, especially with the freedom of no censorship on the digital space.”

On WebWaliTV, Pooja Desai already has 3 series streaming. Mrs. Always Right Cooks, is a cookery show with easy delectable recipes. #SheDoesItHerWay has short videos featuring female entrepreneurs and nuggets of their wisdom.

She has very recently launched the third series, Frandship Requests,which is a tongue –n-cheek presentation of the inappropriate messages that women end up getting from men on social media or as messages. Actress Dilnaz Irani and Tulsi Kapoor are part of the series wherein they read along the messages that get sent by men.

Talking about her series, Frandship Requests, Pooja avers, “As a woman, I noticed that I got lot of messages on FB and on other social networks from men, which were inappropriate. However, it later hit me that such messages actually got me hilarious after a point of time. So this series is an effort wherein we have combined all such messages that we women have got in real life, from men. Dilnaz and Tulsi get to recite these messages in a hilarious way.”

Dilnaz Irani was recently seen in Vikram Bhatt’s series Twisted 2. Tulsi Kapoor happens to be the cousin sister of Pooja; Tulsi is also one of the granddaughters of the Late Shammi Kapoor. “I knew Dilnaz as we have done a play earlier. I have had a great working association with her. As for my cousin Tulsi, it is her first acting experience.”

Pooja who is based out in New York keeps shuttling between India and her place of stay. “I work between USA and India. I come to India to shoot my episodes and go back to USA when they are ready. I am now in India to shoot episodes.”

As for future goals, she states, “The episodes for Mrs Always Right Cooks and #SheDoesItHerWay stream fresh episodes once a week. Frandship Requests has just started and will stream 5 episodes. I intend to expand with more episodes in the next season. We will be working on more fictionalized concepts and creating likeable characters on the web space.”

Way to go, Team WebWaliTV…. If you have not got a taste of it yet, you can get it here… (https://www.webwalistudio.com/webwali-tv)


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