Avneet Vs Jannat Vs Aashika, all in denim together!

Avneet Kaur Vs Jannat Zubair Vs Aashika Bhatia: Who Slays in Denim Jacket Better?

Denim not only makes for probably the most attractive and simple wearing’ pants, yet it likewise makes for an attractive and rough jacket. The jean coat keeps on filling in as practical, low upkeep outerwear.

With a neckline and a structure that regularly tapers to the waist, the denim coat likewise makes an increasingly royal outline and adds to the visual intrigue that emerges from layering in manners that faintly reverberates zeal and power, however with a completely unique vibe — easy-going, defiant, oppositional-to-the-suits. Tossed over a shirt, it adds much more enthusiasm anywhere and anytime.

Recently, we spotted our favourite young beauties in their amazing denim jackets.

1. Avneet Kaur
The Mardaani actor who has significantly made it big in the TV industry and is now a TikTok star has wowed us several times with her fashion sense and style. The way she carries out her every attire with fun and eases sheerly gives us the ultimate goals.

2. Jannat Zubair
Jannat Zubair, the TikTok star, who made it big through the TV industry and also Bollywood, debuting with Rani Mukherjee in Hichki, as one of Rani’s understudies. She personifies beauty, aptly knows how to fit in every kind of attire with perfection.

3. Aashika Bhatia
It’s an absolute delight to watch this brave girl, who often marks with her significant body positivity statements. She is the curvy sensation of TikTok who definitely wows us with distinctive fashion choices.

Here we have lined up some of their pictures in their denim coats! Check them out

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