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BB and Ashish together!!! Check out

Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchlani’s MASTI Moments

While you are busy to find out if Ashish and BB are the YouTube rivals, they are busy enjoying each other’s company and making most out of it.

Well, it’s obvious for us to believe that they are the rivals, their subscribers are more or less on the same number home, both are equally popular amongst their fans and other YouTube enthusiasts. We all love their videos, as we find them relatable and humorous.

But the duo completely denied their rumoured rivalry, rather they are spending time together like the best friends do and also have proclaimed in an interview that they are closest in the communities. The duo appeared in Vmate Asli Holi Baaz as well and shares fun moments with their audience. The duo has revolutionised the Indian YouTube scenario, Ashish famous for his slapstick comedy and BB for his diversified content.

In recent times, we have spotted BB and Ashish together, sharing some of their best days!

Here check some of the pictures!

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