Happ Stuff is built on a simple insight – Happiness is an inside job.

Happ Stuff, Making Happiness a Priority!

Did you know – India ranked a dismal 133 (out of 156 countries) in the 2018 United Nations World Happiness Report. What makes it worse is that it dropped 11 places from last year. Surprisingly, most of the Asian countries including Pakistan (75), China (86) and Bangladesh (115) are ahead of India.

Happiness is a gift that keeps giving! Yet, most of us are guilty of taking it for granted. Routinely sacrificing it on the altar of perceived success and short-term results.A meta-analysis of over 200 studies on happiness, covering 2,75,000 people from across the world, indicates ‘Happiness is not the outcome of success, but a precursor.’

In the workplace, the benefits of happiness are immense. Happy employees are more creative, demonstrate higher productivity, make better leaders, generate higher revenues and more likely to get promoted. Yet, workplace happiness is often considered to be a paradox.

Happ Stuff is built on a simple insight – Happiness is an inside job. It is also an insight job. The free platform provides multiple 60-second gamified challenges to create self-generated insights and partners progress on a self-paced happiness journey.

Some of the happiness challenges on Happ Stuff are: Happ-a-Minute, Attitude of Gratitude, Happiness Meter, Random Acts of Kindness, Rock n Roll, Happiness Journal, Shuffle and Happiness Coach.

Sorbojeet Chatterjee, Co-Founder & CEO said: “As entrepreneurs, we are expected to solve big problems. I doubt ifour society faces a bigger challenge than the overall depletion of happiness. And it is only getting worse!On the fitting occasion of International Day of Happiness, we are delighted to launch Happ Stuff. It has been designed to create self-directed ‘penny drop’ moments and in the process,bring happiness back on the radar.”

He further added: “Our coach-tech platform Happ Coach works extensively with organizations in fueling a happiness edge. But, there is a dire need to broad base it and make it accessible for all. Happ Stuff is the perfect answer! We firmly believe –  happy is the new rich!”

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