Love, Lust and Confusion's highly-waited teaser is out

Viu’s Love, Lust and Confusion perfectly ​captures the complications that follow millennial relationships

Rajat Barmecha starrer digital series Love, Lust and Confusion’s highly-waited teaser is out and it is all set to explore the deep dark fantasies of every millennial. This Viu’s upcoming Original
that revolves around the life of a young girl, Poroma Sarkar will depict the age of indecisiveness, physical exploration and confusion. The series also explores polyamory and the perspective of youngsters on the topic. Actors Meiyang Chang, Gaurav Chopra, Samir Kochhar will play pivotal roles in the series.

Speaking about working on Love, Lust and Confusion, Actor Rajat Barmecha commented “The best part about working on web series is that there is complete freedom to ​play the character. I could relate to my character Jhonny, who is just like every millennial. In current times, we tend to fall in love quickly and then in a month or two we even fall out of it. I have noticed this to be true for so many of us millennial”​​

​Speaking on playing the lead in Viu’s Love, Lust and Confusion, Actress Tara Alisha Berry said, “Being a part of Viu’s Love, Lust and Confusion was a wonderful experience. I feel every millennial will be able to relate to the characters in the series. Relationships these days are not as simple as they used to be. There are complications in every relationship. Everyone wants to experiment and explore their wildest fantasies and they aren’t afraid anymore. While it’s great to be living in times where we enjoy this complete freedom of choice, but we must deal with the consequences as well.”

The 13-episode series will engage its audience every Saturday. The light-hearted, realistic romantic dramedy is directed by Victor Mukherjee and produced by Mango People Media.​

Watch the confusion between Love and Lust starting 17th March on and on the Viu App