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Comicstaan 2 is almost here and we are all charged up to binge-watch the fresh talent that these judges have found in the world of stand-up comedy.

These 5 Reasons Are Enough For You To Watch Comicstaan Season 2

Comicstaan is an Amazon Prime program that officially opened up the stage for budding stand-up comedians to perform on stage and showcase their talents. What’s more is that it’s unique format of judges mentoring the contestants, once they are split in to teams, completely gave it a different and interesting spin. The first season of Comicstaan has already won our hearts but it seems that the second season is even more splendid. Let us now get hold of some reasons why we should watch it, besides the hilarious comedy and the entertainment bit!

1) Make way for the new judges:imagine a place where Zakir Khan, Neeti Palta, Sumukhi Suresh, Biswa, Kanan, Kenny – all of them under the same roof. Woah! This will turn out to be the best.

2) 10 whole new contestants:this time there will be new faces who will be judged by one of the famous judges who would mentor them and eventually we would choose a single person from the pack.

3) When Abish Matthew is the host do we even need anything more in our life?

4) This time every single episode would have a genre of its own and the laughter is going to be one of a kind.

5) And also, the favourite judge of the audience will also be seen performing, so that’s bonus!

If these aren’t reasons enough to get you hooked on to the next season of Comicstaan then we don’t know what would be! We are already excited to see our beloved comedians mentoring a whole new pack of amateur comedians and finding a diamond in the rough.

It is definitely going to be one hell of a season and a complete laughter riot that is not worth missing.

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