Let's take a look at this in-your-face bad-boy. Ashish is back at it with a brand- new short horror film, 'Aakhri Safar '.

Aakhri Safar: A Short Horror Film By Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish is still one of the most promising YouTubers on the scene at this point. His YouTube videos are clever, edgy and more than anything side-splittingly funny. He has made several videos that have been responsible for him garnering fame which has made a truckload of young boys and girls fangirl over him.

But, now he is back and how. He has decided on making a brand new short film for us, and that too a scary one. Isn’t that exciting? Well, we sure are. With many chilly and gritty scenes. And, scenes that will send a chill and a shiver down your spine. That’s right, both a chill and a shiver. So, get ready for this staggering saga that Ashish has brewing for us.

We can assure you, it is scary, and, if you don’t get scared, you will certainly find it hilarious. The short film is called ‘Aakhri Safar’.

See you next time, bye.

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