Who is the better entertainer - Ashish Chanchlani VS CarryMinati VS Faisu?

Ashish Chanchlani VS CarryMinati VS Faisu: The better entertainer?

Ashish Chanchlani, CarryMinati and Faisu are popular social media sensations. These starts have gained an immense fan following on various platforms because of their content.

Faisu is a popular TikTok star begun from a humble start, who used to earn only Rs 50 per day and now owns a BMW, he is an incredibly talented actor, fashion blogger and a model, he has done a couple of music videos that are still getting millions of views and likes every day. The star entertains his fans with fun TikTok videos.

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On the other, CarryMinati is one of the most popular Youtube creators of this generation. He is known for his comedic skits and reactions to various online topics on his channel. His fans also seem to be extremely loyal towards the content creator. CarryMinati’s roast videos are fun to watch.

Similarly, another famous YouTuber is Ashish Chanchlani. His main source of income is YouTube videos apart from sponsorships, collaborations, etc. With an increasing number of subscribers and views on the videos, this YouTuber is gaining success day in and day out. Ashish’s funny take on relationships are well presented and fans enjoy them.

However, who do you think is the better entertainer? Comment below and let us know!

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