Ashish Chanchlani, one of the best Viners in the YouTube community. He has earned above 19million subscribers in total. He is also a social media influencer; he has earned millions of followers on Instagram as well. And today, we are up with his best Instagram videos down beneath, check them out.


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This was hilariously funny and relatable. The Chor Bacha story. And his content is always loved by the millennials of the country. And this one seems to be grand to watch during these quarantine days. Check them out!


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Aakhri Safar, a grand comic horror documentary, directed by Ashish Chanchlani. We loved watching this 13minutes short film. “Hello everyone, many are aware about it but this is for the ones who are not This year i started my content by making something different, directing a proper horror film I poured my heart out in this (and looots of money as well) Sadly as compared to my other videos, this did not do that well Its disappointing when you put so much energy into something and it fizzles out After 5 years of my career i dared making something different, and i am really happy for that Just wanted to upload this full film on the IGTV format because i just love this aspect ratio, it feels engrossing
So if you people love it, especially the ones who missed it, or are my industry friends
Do share it would be really thankful” He mentioned in the caption.

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