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The MX Player, the popular digital platform is back in news for embarking upon another interesting web series called Only For Singles.

All the best moments from the popular series ‘Only for Singles

The web series is directed by Samar Sheikh the talented filmmaker who has roped in an interesting star cast which includes actors like Vivaan Shah, Pooja Banerjee, Aman Uppal, Shirin Sewani and Gulshan Nain in the lead role. The comical and urban youth starrer web series is produced under the banner called Sunshine Productions, while it is all set to hit the screens on 28th June 2019.

The makers have released the trailer, which gives an interesting picture of the story of six singles individuals who shift to Bombay and are struggling not just to settle down in the new city but also find out the right jobs for them. The single status has embarked upon as a big challenge in their lives and they seemed to be fighting a lot about it. Javed Jaffrey has given the voiceover in the trailer to narrate an interesting story of the web series, which becomes more interesting to catch. The series sounds interesting as one can find it over the trailer.

Lead girl, RJ (Deepti Divyesh Sati), does not want to commit to her call-centre working guy, Mickey (Vivaan Shah), hence he leaves her. After fours years, RJ decides to try one more time to hook up with Mickey, and what better way to entice him than by letting him and his four friends crash rent-free in an apartment owned by her father KRK. (Mohan Kapur). She just informs them that she owns the flat and not the entire building, which is stuck in a legal quagmire. Later the story continues with the youngsters struggling with their rent love life and career.

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