CarryMinati, Avneet Kaur and Jannat Zubair's secret connection

What is CarryMinati’s connection with Avneet Kaur and Jannat Zubair?

CarryMinati, Avneet Kaur and Jannat Zubair are popular youth sensations.

While CarryMinati is one of the most popular YouTubers, TV actresses Avneet Kaur and Jannat Zubair are social media queens.

CarryMinati started his YouTube channel when he was just 10-years-old. He is mainly involved in creating satirical parodies and comedy, apart from live gaming. The star has achieved 26 million subscribers so far and it is growing fast.

On the other hand, Avneet and Jannat are popular TV actresses. They were also leading TikTok stars. The actresses also make fun videos for their fans and keep them entertained via their YouTube channels.

These stars are different but they have a secret connection which is that they have a growing fan following. In no time, they have already gained over millions of fans who drop million likes and comments on each and every post.

CarryMinati, Avneet and Jannat enjoy a massive fan following on social media and often keep their fans updated with whatever is happening in their life.

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