Peep inside to check Avneet’s Cocktail party look

Check out Avneet Kaur’s cocktail party makeup tutorials

As summer passes, we feel this constant urge to meet our friends, and call for a summer cocktail party, it’s fun to greet our very own homies and enjoy to the fullest, but 2020 seems to be the deadly slide one has ever ridden, with this Corona attack! But this will pass, nothing is constant! And we are set up with our next plans further!

Therefore, cheers with a Cocktail! As it is getting too much expensive to go out, it will be fine to settle at home, call friends and hold on to a cocktail! This turmoil is enough to bring back those cocktail parties, that were once famous during the 1960s!

But with that, it is equally important to drill up with the perfect look that would go with the party, isn’t it?

Well, we brought you a splendid tutorial uploaded by Avneet Kaur on her Insta handle, where she puts up a gorgeous eye make up tutorial to wear at a cocktail party! It is no wonder that Avneet is the makeup queen, she perfectly knows how to updo herself at every occasion, and this time too, she didn’t fail to amaze us!

Check the video out!

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