Viu India and Mango People Media’s now-streaming web-series Love, Lust and Confusion has been well-accepted by the audience. The dilemma of Poroma Sarkar (Tara Alisha Berry) over relationships has given us an interesting take on how youngsters of today ponder about and get confused between ‘love’ and ‘lust’…

The very recent streaming episode of the series has seen the surprise introduction of the Director, Victor Mukherjee getting into the shoes of an actor!!

Yes, Victor who is the Co-Producer along with Neha Anand and has directed the series too, is seen in the role of the Director who has been shooting the music video which has been part of the plot.

We hear an interesting story behind this and here we are, getting it in front of the readers…

A credible source tells us, “The actor who was to play this part of the Director was stuck in Dubai airport in January (when the shoot for this was happening) because of the dalit strike that was not letting planes land. With the actor not turning up at the last minute, the Director took on the mantle and played the part himself.”

How cute!!

The actor who was to play this role is Lovedeep Guliyani.

When contacted, Victor told, “Yes, it was a rare case wherein someone had to get on and shoot for the role with the actor being unavailable. So I did it (smiles).”


Are you all watching Love, Lust and Confusion’s recent episodes? Make sure to take note of the Director’s effort.