Tara Alisha Berry seems to have a digital bonanza during the lockdown. After State of Siege 26/11( Zee 5) comes her next web show Mastram which is streaming on MX Player.

Interestingly Tara’s Hindi film debut (2014) was again on India’s first soft po*n author (Mastram) back in the eighties.

“The story of both the film and the new web series is quite different. I have got many messages from fans who have not seen the film but have loved the digital avatar of Mastram.”

Although Tara has no explicit content shot with her, the web series is quite risqué (Rani Chatterji, Garima Jain and Nehal Voldiya also act) “Is s*x and intimacy abnormal? , We need to get off our squeamishness and show it as in the west. Out there nobody makes a hue and cry if a girl bares her breasts, or male genitalia is exposed. Grow up; we always don’t wear clothes. I have no issue with nudity if required by the script, and Mastram addresses pent up male desire. I had a similar, equally required scenes in Love Games (film) and Lust Sex and Confusion (web series) and I don’t even call it bold. In a bid to maintain aesthetic brilliance, the makers Almighty Motions Pictures even got a Canadian intimacy director Amanda Cutting to shoot the lovemaking portions. Hope this becomes a norm that allows full creativity flow. While today we may find Mastram’s writings quite funny, but it was an important part of men’s life back then.”

Furthermore, Tara is quite happy with the response, both her web series have garnered a good response despite being dropped without proper promotions. “For artists getting public love and adulation are very important.”

Looking ahead she has one more Telugu film and Tamil web series up her sleeve,”We can talk of release only once Covid- 19 lockdown lifts in Hyderabad/ Chennai.”

In closing, Tara says rather than looking at only the wrong side of the current crisis. she prefers to acknowledge the yeomen service medical, police and other front looking workers are doing to keep all safe.

“They are putting their life at risk for us,” she ends.