Mission over Mars aka M.O.M. is a web series directed by Vinay Waikul. The series is entirely from a different domain.

Everything you need to know about AltBalaji series, M.O.M Mission Over Mars

It is a women-centric series in which they play senior scientist at ISA. The series is focused on the theme that today’s women can achieve the impossible and can work at any designation for which they are determined. The series would be featuring actors like Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh, and Palomi Ghosh.

This series is based on Mangalyaan project launched by ISRO. ISRO made India, the first Asian nation to reach martin orbit. India has been the first nation in the world who has been able to do so in its very first attempt.

In this series, the ISRO agency has been replaced by a fictional agency called Indian space agency (ISA). The storyline of the series revolves around for women scientists who are very determined and passionate to make this Mission on Mars a success.

Everything you need to know about AltBalaji series, M.O.M Mission Over Mars 1

Mona Singh plays Momita Ghosh in the series who is an ambitious scientist focused and dedicated towards her work. Due to her ambition, most of the time she forgets to manage her home tasks.

Sakshi Tanwar is playing Nandini who is a better multi-tasker then Momita. While leaving his son back at home she makes sure that her son is under her vigilance when she is not physically present around him. Nidhi Singh plays a character of astrologer and Palomi character believes in the science of social media.

Besides numerous challenges faced by these scientists that range from time, budget, personnel issues, and other constraints, these ladies together are successful in sending their space ship to Mangal.

The series is quite similar to that of Akshay Kumar’s mission mangal as the subject line is the same for both.

The peculiarity of the trailer of MOM is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also been shown who commented on the success of the mission that “Mission has been accomplished today. Aaj Mangal ko MOM Mila”.

According to Sakshi, she has been honoured by having a chance to play the character of Nandita Hari Prasad who is a senior scientist at ISA.

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