IWMBuzz reviews Apharan 2

Review Of Apharan 2: Sensational Medley of Thrill, Humour and Dilemma

Apharan 2 sets off to give fierce, untamed goosebumps with a roller-coaster ride of emotions and madness.

Helmed by Santosh Singh, Apharan 2: Sabka Katega Dobara pivots around the boisterous cop Rudra Shrivastava, who is back on board to chase around Bikram Bahadur Shah on the streets of Siberia. The show further enraptures its audience with Rudra’s dilemmatic past-present deviation with delirium. But his unquestioning love for his green addict wife Ranjana essayed by Nidhi Singh is what gives an ample toast to the series and the character Rudra himself.

While the first season is still sprawling through our spines, the second season promises to throw you off within the wide spectrum of its rhapsodic eventuation, with Rudra becoming your dearest cop.

While the show definitely gives a typified extension that of all the Bollywood cops, but yet the 11 episodes show has something more to offer with a rugged and puzzling storyline and with a ‘cherry on the top’ like cliffhanger!

With the subtle detailing of the hippy culture, the show along with the gradual unfolding of events, old Bollywood songs in the background, the setting leads the show off like a one-man army. But sometimes it loses its charm when the vigorous attempt to get the Bhojpuri accent gets picked up in the interim of the track. However, Arunoday Singh aka Rudra still manages to thrive his magic wand around with his phenomenal skills and gives a thorny impact on the viewer’s mind.

The following robust entry of Rudra chasing a man in home town after an uncalled introductory scene where a man gets beaten down keeps the Bollywood masala on point; which is apparently a given for it comes from the Balaji family, led by Ekta Kapoor.

However, keeping the melodrama and boastful dialogues all through the treatments of comic relief and anecdotes that go to and fro keep the viewers hooked to the screen more. The episodes offer some unmissable feverish anticipations with the brilliance and portrayal of each character, Ranjana as Nidhi Singh, Dubey Ji as Saanand Verma, Nafisa as Sukhamai Sadana and more.

The final stroke however happens to be the conqueror as it brings Jeetendra back on the game, with a stellar cameo comeback.

The series is definitely a power-packed show of an epic comedy-thriller. With a pinch of Bollywood masala and a stir of melodrama, the show happens to be a must-binge.

Apharan is from the stables of Jio Studios and ALTBalaji and it is streaming exclusively on Voot Select.

IWMBuzz rates the series 3.5 out of 5 stars.