Supermodel and beauty queen Simran Kaur Mundi had a life-changing moment when from the tomboy that she was in real life, she got the best of grooming for her participation in Miss India contest. However, this got her a tag of being the glam doll of the industry. 

She later got many roles in the web and films where she played the same image. However, there was a need for Simran to soon break this image. 

In a chat with The Free Express Journal, Simran quoted, “I have been on a rollercoaster ride. I started modelling after a point of time but then modelling gets monotonous, so I started doing films after three years. Films gave me happiness, emoting different emotions — sometimes you play roles that you don’t relate to, but you still get the experience to act the characters. So, my hunger for playing those characters started growing, and honestly, getting the role of the ‘quintessential pretty girl’ was not what I wanted to do. Thus, consciously wanting to break the norm of just being a glam doll, I did different roles. To keep afloat, I had to do a few roles simply because out of sight is out of mind. But the majority of work that I have done, I did only because I truly believed in the project. With the advent of the OTT, there are so many opportunities for all actors and Chakravyuh was indeed a great opportunity.”


Today, Simran has showed the supreme standard of being versatile as an actor!!