How Anuja Joshi was discovered by Goldie Behl 

Goldie Behl’s discovery, Anuja Joshi – An actor to look forward to

Filmmaker Goldie Behl has discovered a talented debutante Anuja Joshi for his web series The Stranger Trilogy with Applause Entertainment. The first part of the trilogy – Marry Me, Stranger completed shoot recently.

According to Behl, Anuja was the perfect pick for the character of Rivanah. “She’s a trained actor from NYC. Her performance style and body language is westernised which is very fresh and unique for us,” he adds.

Anuja Joshi is super excited to be playing this character. “Rivanah is a character that I know many young people can relate to. Although her journey is filled with dark twists and turns, she is ultimately striving for what all young people strive for: independence. I poured my heart into portraying Rivanah and I hope the audience falls in love with her the way I did. So grateful for this opportunity!”

Sameer Nair, CEO Applause Entertainment, added, “Marry Me Stranger belongs to the “attractive and scary” genre and Goldie has brought Novoneel’s disturbing book to life. It is a dark, twisted story in the universe of the young and restless of urban India.”