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ALTBalaji has come up with the 3rd season of Gandii Baat and here what we should know about it.

All that we know about ALTBalaji’s web series ‘Gandii Baat Season 3’

Gandii Baat the word its means dirty talks and is regarding that we have heard many Abusive things happening in the urban areas but never have we seen or heard the same happening in rural areas, Gandii baat is a show from alt Balaji that tells us about adultery and obsessive things happening in the rural areas.

As the digital world was luminous after setting the second season of Alt Balaji’s Gandii baat to rejoinder with there season 3 of Gandii Baat. It had taken attention were the topic of the town was the discussion about Gandii Baat, not only in India but all over the world, the fans are asking for more in its season 3.

These days people are freer minded and outspoken about sensational things. These series is based on some of the real life cases, which no one is about to talk. In season 3 that have shown us 4 episodes containing 4 stories named as Rajkumar, Harpreet weds Harpreet, Sonam Chadh Gaye and Honeymoon on wheels.

Season 3 was released on 27th July 2019 in which four stories are involved which are as follows:

Episode 1 “Rajkumar”:- This episode was aired on 27th July 2019, in which the story is all about the unusual love that revolves in the family of Mallah, brother, sister, sister-in-law and some villagers and especially the boat named ‘Rajkumar’.

Episode 2 “Harpreet weds Harpreet”:- This is a story of Joginder also known as Jogi who has come to India from Canada for a wedding function of his friend’s brother Harpreet who is marring a girl with same name Harpreet, in between Jogi is having strange affection with the girl he met in his journey also with the name Harpreet.

Episode 3 “Sonam Chad Gayi”:- It is a story about a prostitute name Sonam, also a politician and his family, engaged into enjoying the pleasure of adultery which leads in creating an incident in a train journey.

Episode 4 “Honeymoon on wheels”:- In these episodes, some couples had booked a bus for the only honeymoon, but during the journey, they came across a village where the rumours of that village was that it is Haunted place, if any bus passes through that village on 26th, then it gets disappear.

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