Hutatma is a history drama from Zee5 that is bringing the story of Maharashtra to its audience and how Mumbai came to be the capital!

In mood for some history lessons? Watch historical Zee5 drama ‘Hutatma’

Mumbai is one of the most populated and fast moving cities in India. The residents of Mumbai consider themselves to be a class apart from other Indians, there’s always this question as to what events in history brought about this very real change. And we are sure that Mumbaikars would be very eager to know the roots of their city and how it all began. If you are as curious about Mumbai as us and would definitely be looking for how it all began, then we have just the series for you!

“Hutatma” is a series which inspired by the Samyukta Maharashtra Movement. It is an original series based on Meena Deshpande’s novel of the same name, which depicts the story of how Maharashtra came into existence with Bombay as its capital.

Hutatma shouldn’t be dismissed as propaganda which it clearly isn’t. It is not showing a biased history in the least. In fact, the serial aims to shed light on multiple viewpoints and presents us with enough facts and information filled scenes that validate the plot. It presents the incidents as facts and gives morals accordingly, which is definitely going to give this serial and edge over the others. Acting performances are clearly a stand-out, among other aspects, by each and every one in the series and the overall vibe of this is very raw, undiscovered and ripe with emotions. It’s an absolute treat to watch them perform weighty lines with absolute ease and pulling off this story with such flair. It has an IMDb rating of 6.5/10 already and we are sure that this serial is going to be a hit amongst audience very soon.

Any weekend you have will be a good weekend to binge watch this serial!

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