Zakir Khan has been a part of a news comedy show, On Air with AIB. He is one of India's most-loved comedians of this time.

Reasons to watch Indian Stand Up Comedian Zakir Khan Live in Action

Zakir Khan is an Indian stand-up comedian, writer, presenter, and actor. He became a popular face in India’s stand-up comedy circuit when he won the title of ‘India’s Best Stand Up’, a comedy competition organized by Comedy Central in 2012. Who would believe this Sakht Launda has a Diploma in sitar and is a college dropout? He is a great example of the talent that never fades and has gained big success in his stand-up comedy career.

Zakir has gained millions of fans on social media platforms. He completed his four million subscribers on YouTube for his standup comic with Haq Se Single by Amazon Prime.

He is the most loved comedian. There is a reason to watch him live in action. You can never imagine from which thought of yours, he can make a joke. Apart from his unusual way of humour, personality and hilarious way of talking, he has a unique and outstanding quality and that is his ability to reach your hearts.

Here are some of his amusing videos that will make you roll in the aisles.

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