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Web series are becoming the heart of this generation and slowly replacing the Television. The web series Little Things also won many hearts of the viewers.

Take a quiz on Little Things

Little things web series is of two seasons and both the season carried a message and took wows by many of the audience. This series of Dice media aired on Netflix popularly and became famous instantly. The story is all daily life happenings which showed between two couples. In short, the web series is about Couples sweet little moments that the young couples experience in their daily life. Both the seasons were directed by two different directors but the storyline was so powerful that it didn’t felt so. The first was linked to the second season.

This series is about a couple in a live-in relationship. If you loved the series and this series truly ruled your hearts then here is quiz based on the web series Little Things:-

When was the first season realised?

When was second season realised?

Who is featuring in the series as a couple?

How many episodes are there in both the seasons?

Have you ever missed any of the one seasons?

Have you ever missed any episodes from any of the seasons?

Who are the two directors of the web series?

Where is the couple living?

Which is the best episode of the web series Mirzapur?

Have this web series given you any message?

What message has this web series Little Things given you?

According to you is it Thrilling?

Did the couple make rocking chemistry?

Which scene from both the seasons is your favourite one?

Are the couple in little things Ideal couple according to you?

This was a quiz on Little Things. If you have an answer to all the questions above and the majority of the questions answer is yes than yeah Little Things ruled your heart too.

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