Writer-actor and director Dhruv Sehgal who gave five years of his life to the four seasons of Little Things(now on Netflix) is happy to have found his métier. “When I started I was not sure what my priorities were as a professional. I came to Mumbai to become an actor but ended up writing and starring and even directing Little Things.”

Little did Dhruv know that Little Things would become such a success. “We shot Season 1 in just 13 days.We did it with no expectations , and lots of enthusiasm.When it became a success we went on to Season 2 then 3 and now finally 4.”

The series is finally over. Dhruv looks back at the experience with much satisfaction. “I was only 19 when I started. I can now see that writing is what I want to do the most.The other aspects of cinema, acting, direction or production, can just follow. Once you are in the writer’s seat, you are able to negotiate through all the other jobs.”

Recalling his warm association with his co-star Mithila Palkar , Dhruv says, “We barely spoke to one another during the first season. By the time we came to the final season we were friends.”
However Dhruv is quick to point out that Palkar and he are not a real-life couple. “I used to get that a lot initially. But then everyone got to know we are not a real-life couple . In real life I am happily married to my college girlfriend.”

Did Dhruv borrow from his own personal relationship to make his onscreen relationship look so authentic? “Why only the romantic relationship? Even the relationship with my relatives, friends, colleagues they are from my real life. During these 4 seasons of Little Things I’ve exhausted my quota of personal experiences. Now I am working on something, a feature film this time, that has nothing to with me or my life.”

After spending five years with Little Things Dhruv looks at the future with some trepidation. “Of course the future looks uncertain.Little Things has given me a lot.And I am not just talking about a bigger house, a better bank balance. It has given me sense of bearing. I know I am meant to be writer first,then an actor.”

As an actor , Dhruv is not getting the offers that excite him. “It is usually the role of a guy between the age of 20 and 30,in a relationship or newly married, trying to come to terms with life. I don’t find these roles interesting enough.”

Interestingly Dhruv reveals that the final season of Little Things was supposed to be shot in Finland. “But because of Covid we ended up shooting in Kerala. I am glad.”