Read to know who is the most famous tech YouTuber, Technical Guruji or Geeky Ranjit

Technical Guruji VS Geeky Ranjit: Who Is The Most Famous Tech Youtuber?

Technical Guruji is an extremely well-known YouTube channel in India. On the off chance that it comes to tech, the main name that strikes our mind, nowadays, is Technical Guruji. Based out of Dubai; and it focuses on gadget reviews, technology, tips and instructional videos about gadgets and talks about a wide range of gadgets beginning from cell phones, to smartwatches, to TVs, ISPs and even cryptocurrencies. The Technical Guruji channel has obtained practically over 15M subscribers on the platform. He started his Technical Guruji channel in October 2015, at first, he used to post about products and give advice to his viewers, how to use it. The channel developed rapidly, and in 2017 Chaudhary made a subsequent channel devoted to delivering content about his own life

Ranjit Kumar also is known as Geeky Ranjit is a true gizmo and tech lover who surveys nearly everything from Mobiles to LEDs and clarifies how technology can make your life simpler and evolving. Ranjit Kumar is an independent geek who immensely loves technology and gadgets since he was a teen. At the point when he was only 12, he immediately understood that his enthusiasm lies in technology and advanced gadgets. He kept his passion alive for programming and tech in his late teenagers. When relatively few individuals had PCs at their homes, Ranjit utilized his cousin’s PC and give his hand a shot at a wide range of applications, programs, and games. After his bachelors, he sought after a course in programming from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Maharashtra. He was immensely passionate about programming that he continued chipping away at it constantly. What’s more, in the long run, he made his YouTube channel which has earned more than 2million subscribers to date, he has earned a huge fanbase all through the nation and is adored by his fans, dearly.

Both are immensely great and famous, and we love to watch them. We have lined some of their videos, check out and let us know in the comments below, who you think should be more famous? Technical Guruji or GeekyRanjit

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