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Ashish Chanchlani is absolutely hilarious. We all agree and I’m sure you do too. But, do we all know where he has come from?

Things You Didn’t Know about Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani and his YouTube channel is not some sort of a mystery. It’s one of the most mainstream YouTube directs in India in the present time, sitting right up there on top with 15 million endorsers. That is a milestone that scarcely four or five individuals in this nation have reached. He nets right around 5 to 6 million views on every video. Ashish has a staunch and bad-to-the-bone fan base. A large number of individuals are anxious to perceive what he delivers straightaway. His fan base is additionally what makes his work so crucial. To be feeling the need to deliver something new and inventive is an issue that must truly create a great deal of pressure for him. Be that as it may, as we’ve seen on numerous occasions, he can deal with this weight fine and dandy, creating new material every other week.

However, his journey began much sooner than you’d know. He is originally from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, where his parents owned a multiplex, which allowed him to watch a lot of movies whilst growing up. Before he started his journey as a hard-core Youtuber, he used to study Civil Engineering at the Datta Megha College in Navi Mumbai.

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