A random internet person tried to sell Amir Siddiqui on OLX for Rs 200

TikTok star Amir Siddiqui put for sale on OLX

Amir Siddiqui, the controversial TikTok star, is making headlines every day. The star was in the news after CarryMinati roasted him in TikTok vs YouTube video. Later, his TikTok account got suspended owing to multiple violations of community guidelines. However, his account has been reactivated intact with his 3.8 million followers, after a day-long suspension. But the TikTok star has vowed that he won’t use his account or post any videos until his younger brother, Faizal Siddiqui’s account is reactivated too!

Now, a random internet person tried to sell Amir Siddiqui on OLX for Rs 200. He put his photo as a product with an amount of Rs 200. After a while, people noticed it on OLX and made memes on him. Memers made it viral and showed Amir Siddiqui on OLX.

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Later, TikTokers did mass reporting on OLX. Team OLX noticed it and tried to warn the user to remove it from OLX. The person didn’t respond for removal so OLX deleted the account of him. Also, Amir Siddiqui is removed from the product option.

According to data, Around 1.2K people showed interest to buy Amir for Rs 200. OLX also said it became one of the highest product demand in the present.

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