Do you feel anything similar between SG and GOT? Read to clarify

What’s common between Sacred Games and Game of Thrones?

We have sorted 6 unavoidable similarities between the two, web arrangement

1. The Title, of course!
Well, this one was an obvious guess, both the web series secure the word “Game” in it which depicts a light positive hint toward our prejudices.

2. The opening sequence
Both the web series seems to have an identical harmonized visual of mythology and different hinted insides of the story. There was a turmoil going over Twitter after Netflix announced the release of SG. The fans went crazy trolling the trailer calling it a copy of GOT.

3. Sartaj and Jon Snow
There is inconspicuous parallelism in the middle of these two impressions. Their association lies behind their method for tolerating their own being. The two are exhibited in absolute problems yet with a valiant heart. Both help other people and battle to get to the utmost ultimatum.

4. Strong portrayals of women
Both the web series gave us wonder women to idolize. Be it GOT or SG the women were the spine of the whole story. They were bold and fearless, upheld the entire plot in their own solitary hand and fought like the wolf!

5. Scenes
A scene in SG where Gaitonde was about to get assassinated identically reminds us of the “Red Wedding” episode of GOT. The sequences had a similar thrill and emotion.

6. Assassinations
All things considered, that is no mystery. Both the web arrangement had such a large number of brutish deaths, to begin with, and to end with. We won’t explicitly consider it a similitude, as killings can’t be identical. However, what we are alluding to is the measure of fierceness both the series had!

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