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Indian Stand-up Comedy King, Zakir Khan says he’s a lazy writer but to us even is laziness was never a flaw because it adds up to this Paramount fun of a character that he is.

Zakir Khan: The King of Indian Stand-Up Comedy

Zakir Khan has forever won our hearts with his simple yet extremely funny jokes and is usually the ball of every party, with his spontaneous wit and contagious observation techniques. Khan admits to being a lazy writer and by chance an actor, while he also hopes that he gets to pursue music someday, and we could not be more thrilled after hearing his ambitions!

Over the past 5 years, Zakir’s fandom has increased just the way the entertainment genre has. He’s the Sakht Launda who escapes from falling for the charms any beautiful lady. So, according to him your “Muskaan ki Chamkaan” isn’t working on him, ladies.

This famous comedian admits to being a fan of Johnny Lever and is amazed by the way he has balanced both his film and stage life. Honestly though, Zakir akhan definitely gets some credit for having made it to every youth’s YouTube wish list and for making this big an impact in the world of stand-up comedy. It’s not a small feat that he has achieved and we are glad that he is helping us explore more and more about this genre.
Zakir Khan: The King of Indian Stand-Up Comedy
His humble roots have to do a lot with his personality as he comes from a family with a musical background. His father taught classical music in Indore. Many of his jokes are about his father admonishing him over adolescent gaffs. He sure seems to find muses in his surrounding and makes it all come to life.

Zakir Khan is the new-age King of Stand-up Comedy and we would just hope that he keeps coming back with his instantani wit and short sketches, to keep our daily dose of comedy alive.

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