The dhamakedaar Judgement Day episode begins with our Queen Kangana grilling inmates for breaking the rules throughout the week. She bashes Saisha and asks her to justify why she abused the guards. She informs her that she is the weakest and most irresponsible contestant. Additionally, Kangana also mentioned how Kaaranvir was the sole reason for the mess that has been created, he could have added more to the show rather than getting involved in this. Kaaranvir apologises for his behaviour and states that it won’t be repeated. Kangana warns all the Kaidis that the one who misbehaves will be kicked out of jail.

Later, We see Kangana appreciating Mandana as she spiced up the jail with her strategies. Kangana also welcomes the “wildest” Kaidi in the house- Azma Fallah and exclaims that she was pleased to see her in the show. The appreciation continues as she adds that she likes Nisha’s game. Nisha replied, “I wait for the weekend episode as I feel like I get the correct direction from you.”

Later we see Kangana calling out Anjali and Poonam as the girl power of the Lock Upp house. Still, she warns Poonam not to get physically involved with anyone in the house to avoid violence. Every contestant will maintain a two-foot distance to avoid such uncertainties. Queen Kangana also states that “ I’ve always been against nepotism!”

Furthermore, we see that Kangana mentioning Payal is the most trending & loved kaidi, to which Payal responds that it’s because of Azma as she guided me and made me realise my mistake in the show. Kangana also warns Mandana not to body shame anyone in the house and play with the utmost respect.

When it comes to Sara, Kangana advises her to play out all the tasks to which Sara replied I don’t want to be called a follower in the show. Kangana responded, “Sara you’re getting all the male attention in the jail! Play your game wisely.”

Lastly, we see the unsafe contestants of the week: Nisha, Payal, Shivam, Sara, Anjali and Poonam. Next, we see Munawar and Kaaranvir agreeing to “Payal is the strongest kaidi with majority votes” but in reality, Anjali again is safe with the highest number of votes.

Who will get evicted and who will leave the show? Who will have to reveal their secrets to be in a safe zone?