Learn From Siddharth Nigam: How To Keep Yourself Motivated To Workout At Home?

How To Keep Yourself Motivated To Workout At Home? Learn From Siddharth Nigam

Siddharth Nigam, or more like Aladdin. Isn’t he one of the most loved actors? From the roles of Young Sahir/Samar in Dhoom 3 to Aladdin aka Ali from the popular TV show Aladdin, Siddharth has come far in his journey.

The young actor first appeared in a Bournvita advertisement, in 2011. Siddharth won a gold medal in the national-level gymnastics. He has won multiple awards as Most Promising Child Star, Best Actor Debut (Male), and 2 Best Child Actor (Male).

We have a lot to learn from Siddharth Nigam as we can see so many of his inspiring videos through social media. In one of his videos, Siddharth has given some tips on How To Keep Yourself Motivated To Workout At Home.

His video tells us to keep ourselves fit and healthy during these days of lockdown. It’s not necessary to visit a gym in order to stay fit. He has also demonstrated some exercises including weight lifting, pull-ups, push-ups.

Siddharth has captioned the videos saying, ” As a fitness enthusiast, I have always been active with my workouts and gymnastics. #Fitspiration is a series of short-format routines that I follow regularly and if it motivates you also to achieve your fitness goals, then we have won it together
#motivation #homeworkout #fitness #core #strength #siddharthnigam.”