A recent video has made it to the headlines where a bird can be seen getting freed from a plastic bag.

The viral video features a myna with a plastic packet on its head and it was shared by Afroz Shah on Twitter. The video was shared on August 19, and has surpassed 13 thousand views and tons of reactions from the netizens.

The caption read ‘A Myna Bird – in a forest- trapped in a snacks packet – single-unit multi-layer packaging (MLP). Produce, Buy, Eat, and litter. Our volunteer freed it in the SGNP (Sanjay Gandhi National Park) forest. And then hapless species fight to live on.’

An individual came forward and took off the packet thereby allowing the bird to fly away.

The video will surely make us rethink the plastic littering we humans have caused to date. While many of the users congratulated the volunteer for helping out the myna, there were a few who expressed their anger toward the plastic littering. A few users also suggested that strict laws should be enforced in order to protect this wildlife.

It generated a lot of discussions all over the internet. One user said ‘Good job God bless you and your volunteers’ and in addition, another said ‘this is a live example of plastic pollution on birds and animals. Now it’s time to take a stand against plastic pollution.’

Although it’s very easy to just speak up, let’s try to save the animals and birds who are suffering terribly due to the pollution caused due to our negligence.

Take a look at this viral video here: