Everyone who works for hours in the office surely waits eagerly for the weekend. And when finally the weekend arrives, we sit and wonder and get bored! As we want to feel at peace away from chaos, so we got you places in Mumbai you can visit to get refreshed.

1) Sanjay Gandhi National Park: It is the simplest, easiest, and most soothing place to visit, away from all the hustle and spend time with nature. Sit under a tree, wonder about things, and embrace the beauty of nature. It is located in Borivali, where you can feel the thrill of life.

2)Worli Sea: Everything stops working when you feel bitter. So take yourself out of your house and visit the beauty of the Worli Sea. Spend some hours with your best friend or partner talking about life, career, and things you are fed up with.

3) Heritage Walk at Dockyard: The Naval dockyard is one perfect place to visit. Plan your visit there this weekend. The place is open every first Sunday, and only people from India are allowed to visit the heritage site. The sculpture and scenic beauty will make you feel energized.

4) Elephanta Caves: Elephanta Caves are very popular among Mumbaikars. So visit this weekend and make yourself feel worth living. Travel across the sea to visit some breathtaking beauty in Elephanta Caves.

Certainly, you enjoyed the suggestion, so please let us know how you felt after visiting in the comments area; for the same updates in the future, follow IWMBuzz.com.