People have become more imaginative in recent years when it comes to making announcements, giving crucial information, or making any confessions. Gender reveal parties are one such occasion, which is increasingly common in the Western world. People are said to make strange choices just to be creative at times. After a video of their gender reveal party went viral on the internet, one Dubai-based couple received abuse.

Netizens were dissatisfied since the couple employed a tiger to reveal the gender of their baby. A video of the incident sparked outrage online, with many criticizing the use of the wild cat.

A tiger walks up to a black-colored balloon and bursts it to disclose the gender of the newborn in the popular video. The balloon burst into pink powder, indicating that the baby will be a female. The post has over 1k likes and has been reshared by a verified Instagram page ‘Lovin Dubai,’ which is dedicated to the city’s events. Following that, the video became popular on the internet.

“It’s a tiger,” the popular Instagram user captioned the video, which has already received over 3 lakh views. The clip, however, did not go over well with users, who chastised the couple for having a tiger at the gender reveal party. “Is this legal?” one user wondered, while another said, “Absolutely insane!” What a pity! “Leave the wild to be wild.”

“Absolutely disgusting!” “These majestic creatures are not on this planet for you to exploit for your own superficial pleasure,” wrote a third. Tigers belong in the wild, not as pets in Dubai or anyplace else in the globe, according to internet users.

Source- News 18