Erica Fernandes is one of the most droolworthy and gorgeous actresses that we have in the Hindi TV industry. The actress has been doing a terrific work in the entertainment industry for many years and such is her charm and hard work that it has always managed to pay her rich dividends in anything that she’s opted for herself. Erica Fernandes has got a terrific social media game and no wonder, innumerable fans all over the country simply love it and sweat for real seeing her beauty and charm in the same. When not busy working, she loves to travel and have fun and we love it.

So, what’s the latest piece of fun and engaging content that we get to see happening at Erica Fernandes’ end? Well, the diva is seen grooving to the beats of rapper King’s OOPS song and we love the vibe coming from her end. She’s truly taken social media by storm as she’s seen dancing on the streets and we are absolutely loving it. Well, do you want to check out? Take a look below –

View Instagram Post 1: Dubai On Fire: Erica Fernandes randomly dances on rapper King's OOPS song on a busy street, video goes viral

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