Check out the cutest viral video of a girl imitating Alia Bhatt from her song 'Kesariya', it is a beautiful video for netizens

Viral video: A little girl imitating Alia Bhatt from her song ‘Kesariya’ is going viral on the web

A video of a little girl imitating Alia Bhatt from her song Kesariya is receiving a lot of praise and mixed reactions on the web. In the video, a little girl dressed similarly to Alia Bhatt from her song Kesariya featuring Ranbir Kapoor grooving together. The little girl wore a white top paired with a red king shrug and denim pants, imitating Alia. Not just this, but she also copied the same steps from the song in sync. She made people wonder about her dancing skills and how she imitated Alia.

The video is shared on an official Instagram account, Indiatoday. Such videos often float on the web making people laugh and smile. Dancing has always been the favorite of many across India. This song is from Brahmastra featuring Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Mouni Roy, Amitabh Bachchan, and Shah Rukh Khan in key roles. The video gathered instant likes and comments under the post.

Here check what netizens reacted to the post.

A user wrote, “Accha hai Talent h qadar kro pr iss chakkar m apne baccho ko bhartiya Sanskriti se bhi door mt krna .” “Too cute, too beautiful, too classy, Lil Princess ,” said the other in the comments section. “It’s amazing,” wrote the third. While some were angered watching the video and wrote, “Wow kya baat hai vha china Japan apni technology badhane me lge pde hai Elon Musk mars per colony bnane ke chakkar mai hai yha dekho dance copy kr re buss .”

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