Arijit Singh, one of the best singers in the industry, giving out examples of how to win with simplicity in the world of music

The ‘Kesariya’ madness proves Arijit Singh to be ‘one-man’ army

The legend singer of this generation Arijit Singh, settings goals on how just simple music with the pure melody of Kesariya wins hearts in the world full of rock music.

Arijit Singh is a star singer in the industry. The singer has amazed us with his forever-alive songs. He is known for heartbreaking and soulful love songs. He is the owner of many award-winning songs. And here, once again, the singer is winning hearts.

The title track of the most anticipated film Brahmastra was released earlier after a long wait. Kesariya, with its teaser, created enough buzz over the web, and fans loved it. And we’re desperate to know the full song. And now, as the song has been released, people couldn’t get enough of it.

The soulful music and Arijit Singh’s melodious voice is winning hearts after two weeks of release. In a world where everyone is craving rock music, hard songs, bands, and other things. Arijit Singh, with his simplicity, is winning all hearts. The simple lyrics with a heartfelt voice soothe the audience in a larger perspective.

Soon after the release, people flooded the comments section with admiring comments. One user wrote, ” I don’t know how some people don’t believe in magic; this song is the definition.” While another wrote, ” Pure Nostalgic… Arijit Singh is one of the KOHINOOR of India,” “I m listening to this song every day I can’t stop listening to this song,” added another.

Certainly, you also are one of the Arijit Singh admirers who are amazed by the ‘Kesariya’ song. So let us know your opinion in the comments box and for more updates, keep reading