Here are 5 tips to increase level in BGMI

5 Tips To Increase Level In BGMI

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) was officially launched on July 2, 2021, as a consequence of the Indian government’s prohibition in September 2020. Gamers can migrate their information from a prior PUBG ID to BGMI, sustaining competing at their former in-game rank. These stages are not determined by the player’s abilities; instead, they reflect how engaged the gamer is in the gameplay and how many hours he or she has invested. You can raise your level by completing a few simple procedures, but you must be persistent.

Here are 5 tips to increase level in BGMI

1. Finish your progress tasks

If you want to raise your rank, make sure you’ve completed all of the progress tasks. The missions are easy to be carried out and may be finished in a single day, such as giving your buddy a like at the conclusion of the game or publishing your achievements on public networks.

2. Stay alive in the gameplay for a prolonged period of time

The longer you play a game, the higher EXP you get. So don’t bother wasting your time with pointless battles or complicated methods. Rather, look for a secure launch site, stock up on Med Kits and Bandages, and try to stay alive as long as it takes to earn that fantastic EXP.

3. Finish your daily challenges

Gamers are given daily challenges by BGMI, which are also quite simple to fulfill. They can be as simple as checking in, investing sometime in the game, or scooping up helmets or vests in traditional games.

4. Play some more old games

Classic Matches are the game to experience if you want to progress up quickly in BGMI. Classic matchups grant you more EXP than other game options. In fact, the number of skill points you get in each game grows as you play longer. Choose locations like Erangel or Miramar to make the game extended period of time

5. Make use of EXP cards

EXP cards can be gathered via occurrences or gained by performing RP tasks. EXP cards, which charge 10 UC, can also be purchased by visiting the Shop tab, then tapping on the ‘Treasures’ segment, where you can buy the EXP card. For one hour, these cards enhance EXP by 100 percent. So, when you’ve activated this card, attempt to perform more classic matches.

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