Hey!! Here Are the Shortcut Keys Of Computers To Make Life Peaceful!!

Check Out These Shortcut Keys Of Computers That Will Make Your Life More Peaceful! 441653

In today’s world of technology, computers made our life very easy. In a couple of seconds, you can get lots of important information and for various purposes, a computer is used. There are plenty of time-saving approaches to make daily tasks more manageable, including the work you do on a computer or laptop. Normally we are relying mostly on a mouse or trackpad to perform simple functions. However many functions that require a mouse can be easily completed with a few taps on the keyboard. There are a few shortcut keys on the computer that will make your life more peaceful. Here we look at those shortcut keys.

* Copy selected text or items.
Shortcut: Ctrl + C and Ctrl + X.

If you need to copy selected items or text use Ctrl + C. This will store selection in your clipboard and leave the original selection behind. Whereas Ctrl + X will store but it will remove it from the current page you are working on.

* Paste selected item from clipboard. Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert.

Both these shortcut keys allow you to insert an item stored in the clipboard.

* Move the cursor to a specific location:
Ctrl + Home or Ctrl + End.

If you need to move the cursor to the beginning of the document use Ctrl + Home and to move the cursor to the end of the document use Ctrl + End.

* Switch between open windows and programs:
Alt + Tab.

You can use this shortcut key when multiple programs open, you can easily switch between windows.

* Search for a word or phrase:
Ctrl + F.

This is the best shortcut option, which allows finding exactly what you are looking for. These shortcut keys open the find box, where you can type the word or phrase you want.

* You can split your screen evenly between four windows by pressing Windows + Left Arrow to move windows towards left or Windows + Right Arrow to move windows towards the right.

Those were a few shortcut keys of the computer that will help you to speed up your computer operation.

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