Diamonds are among the most precious commodities and items in Minecraft. They have more advanced tech weapons and gear. They’re also the basis for a few of the game’s most resilient and useful tools. When you’ve uncovered these shining blue gems, you can use them to craft several of the game’s best items, such as the strong diamond axe and the robust diamond armor plate

Diamond rock will only be discovered underneath, between both the “y-coordinates” of higher layers and 15. The Y-coordinate displays how many vertically units you are away from the bottom of the chart. To put it differently, diamonds are now only discovered in the globe’s bottom 15 blocks. To view your present y-coordinate on a PC, use F3 or view an in-game chart icon.

Start mining deep, but don’t delve directly down since a catastrophic drop or falling in lava could quickly kill you. It is preferable to drill down in a “stairway” fashion so that you can swiftly start walking up once you have completed mining. The best locations for digging diamonds in Minecraft are level 11 or 12. These y coordinate values have been verified to be the most successful for identifying diamonds in Minecraft whilst preventing uncomfortable lava lakes.

As you get further, you will almost likely meet enemies like spiders, skulls, zombies, and witches. Keep your eyes peeled and can either dodge or carefully eliminate these attackers. Remember that diamonds are pretty uncommon, particularly in the lowest strata. You might have to seek for a lot longer if you want to discover any. And then, there is always the risk you won’t find any until you have to come back home.

However, once you’ve uncovered diamond ore, use the iron axe to dig it and get your prize.