After Minecraft YouTuber Dream revealed his face and stunned the social media, netizens and followers started a discourse on “how to do a face reveal right”. Everyone online collectively agreed that the “person who could break the internet with his face reveal is Taehyung.” 

As we know, BTS Taehyung is not a YouTuber, but V’s introduction as a singing idol is not less than a face reveal. V was a “hidden weapon” revealed at the debut of BTS, immediately winning himself five fan sites on the spot!

Netizens even filled the “face reveal” topic with BTS V’s famous Squid game clips. They mentioned that V could be a professional at revealing his face and stealing hearts. Some added that if V was a gamer, he’d still me on many lists for the most handsome man.

Meanwhile, on the workfront, talking about BTS V’s career, BTS is currently on a hiatus as a group and focusing on solo promotions. The band members continue to support each other in their solo endeavors, shared V and Suga in a recent interview.

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