Wordle quickly became an internet sensation as we all strive to find epidemic distractions, but for those worried about the game’s future now that it’s owned by The New York Times, switching to this Game Boy port will ensure you never encounter a paywall.

Wordle, like the classic board game Mastermind, asks players to guess a word of the day, providing hints as to which letters are correct, which are in the appropriate place, and which aren’t in the word at all. The game’s gameplay is simple, yet developer Josh Wardle accomplished it beautifully, with no commercials, in-game purchases, or other attempts to monetize it.

Wordle fans quickly discovered that the game could be downloaded as an HTML file and played offline for over 2,000 days, at which point the game’s built-in library of five-letter words would be depleted. Playing Wordle on a mobile device like a smartphone becomes slightly more difficult as a result of this method, but there are already other versions of the game for various portable devices.

Gizmodo readers are probably most familiar with Twitter user’stacksmashing’ for their work on hacking Nintendo’s Game & Watch revival gadgets or mining Bitcoin with the classic Nintendo portable. However, their most recent innovation is a Game Boy-compatible version of Wordle. You can also play the Game Boy version of Wordle right now in your browser.