For people who adore such online games and are logophiles, Wordle doesn’t need an introduction. The popular word search has become a global phenomenon. It makes sense why there are numerous Wordle-like online games, and possibly there will be more in the future. Here are some enjoyable Wordle-like games to play.


Heardle doesn’t have a “guess the word” game. Instead, it all comes down to identifying the correct song based on the music’s introduction. Players must identify the song’s track after only one second of it has been played. Each incorrect answer reveals more of the music. Before the game is complete, you get a total of six chances to identify the music.


One of the top puzzle games online is called Artle, and it was made by the National Gallery of Art (NGA), which is located in Washington, D.C.

Players’ only task is to identify the artist of work from the collections of the NGA that has been created at random. Since there are four attempts, participants must be quite knowledgeable about art history.


Nerdle is one of the top Wordle substitutes for brain training and is geared toward math nerds. The participants must estimate the right equation six times in total.

There are eight blocks, and each one may hold a number between 0 and 9, as well as the symbols +, -, *, / (for plus, minus, multiplication, and division, respectively), and =. (equal). No other letter or symbol used in mathematics is acceptable. However, players can decide which box to fill first.

Sweardle and Lewdle

Sweardle and Lewdle are comparable. A profanity or a filthy term may be the inappropriate word that players must guess. Both provide players tips in a manner that is very similar to Wordle: green means the correct letter is in the proper location, yellow means the correct letter is in the incorrect location, and grey signifies the letter isn’t a part of the word.

Source: Augustam