Read these side effects of playing Pubg if you are hooked on this game

Playing online games is something that everyone appreciates in the digital age. For some, it’s a way to pass the time, for others, it’s a way to lift their spirits, and for still others, it’s a way to become hooked or obsessive to these video gaming. It’s as if this has become a part of everyday life, and changing it now is impossible. Obsession with PUBG and other video games is not beneficial for health and mental well-being. Spending more time on these online games than is necessary can have a detrimental impact on your personality and health.

“Player’s Unknown Battleground,” or PubG, is but one video game that has become a widely discussed topic all across the online world. Every day, it’s also highly installed and got to play battle-royale games. Everyone, from famous people to YouTubers to college and high school kids, is becoming a lover of this game. However, it has become a source of concern for teachers, parents, and those who have a loved one who is hooked to the game. So, which side do you belong to? Who is more addicted to it: the person who is enjoying it or the person who is witnessing someone who is hooked to it? Whatever side you’re on, there are a few things to know about this game that can have a significant impact on you.

PUBG is a battleground game that may be played by multiple players or by a single person. The game takes place on a battleground, in which 100 players are placed into an enclosed location and must search for weapons, medical supplies, and other resources in order to be the last player standing and receive “Chicken dinner.” In this game, the team that won is referred to as “winner winner chicken dinner.”

Long-term play of this game can be hazardous to your health. Long periods of time spent staring at a screen can be harmful, causing migraines and headaches. According to studies, sitting in unnatural positions and postures might be damaging to your neck. Cervical spondylitis and significant neck problems can result from playing these games and being seated in an improper posture. Playing regularly for hours on end can lead to a long period of time usually spent and not drinking or eating anything. You forgo not only eating, but also exercise and sleep periods, which can result in weariness, dizziness, and drowsiness. The video game has a significant psychological impact and appears to be a dangerous addiction.

Playing PubG all the time, especially when you’re losing, might make you irritable, irritated, and unpleasant. The game has a significant impact on behavior, as well as causing headaches and other health issues. It also produces mental stress, which is needless. It’s essential to seek medical help if you’re hooked to this game and it’s harming your mental wellbeing and everyday life.

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