PUBG undoubtedly is one of the most loved and most played games in the world. Users enjoy playing in the battleground and defeating others. The term “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Went Viral Like Wildfire.” There are a lot of male PUBG players all over the globe. However, are there any female players who are as good as the popular male players? Well, the answer is yes; there are a lot of female players who are good enough in PUBG. Here check out the list from Indian Payal Gaming to South Korean Minky.

1)Indian- Payal Gaming

Payal Dhare, aka Payal Gaming, is an Indian female professional PUBG player. She is one of the best female players in the world. The gamer started her journey in 2019 and reached the top spot in no time. She is also a content creator and goes gaming live on her YouTube channel.

2)Qatar- Blind Ziia

Kezia Mathew, popularly known as Blind Ziia, is an Indian player born in Qatar. She is another popular female player. The gamer creates content for Blind Esports. Kezia started playing during her rough times and now has become one of the best.

3) Australia- Her Gaming

The 25 years old Amelia Hersee, aka Her Gaming, started playing in 2019. Like Payal, Amelia also rose to fame soon. She is known for her aggressive gameplay. And she also creates content on her YouTube channel Her Gaming.

4) America- Lurn

Lurn is an American PUBG player. She also started in 2019 and gained popularity very soon. The gamer is known for her hilarious and light live streams on her YouTube channel. She is also called a female Shroud Gaming.

5)South Korea- Minky

Kim Min-Kyung, better known as Minky, is currently a member of Gen G. She started playing in 2017. She is known for her calm and calculated gaming style.

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