In a year that was all about high scores, jaw-dropping strategies, and countless respawn moments, these gaming maestros took the digital world by storm. Check out the list below.

IWMBuzz Rewind 2023: Top Gamers Of The Year

It is time to revisit the gaming extravaganza as we hit the rewind button in 2023 with IWMBuzz! Get ready to relive the heart-pounding moments, the epic victories, and the endless virtual adventures as we unveil the Top Gamers of the Year. In a year that was all about high scores, jaw-dropping strategies, and countless respawn moments, these gaming maestros took the digital world by storm.

Jonathan ‘Jonathan Gaming’ Amaral:

Jonathan Amaral, professionally known as Jonathan Gaming. An Indian esports sensation renowned for his skills in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Securing second place in the Esports Mobile Players of the Year category at the 2022 Esports Award, Jonathan continues to make waves, recently becoming the brand ambassador for FanClash and proudly announcing his association with Red Bull. Talk about levelling up!

Payal ‘Payal Gaming’ Dhare:

Payal Dhare, also known as ‘Payal Gaming.’ With a jaw-dropping 1.75 million YouTube subscribers, Payal isn’t just playing games; she’s owning them. Whether it’s BGMI, PUBG Mobile, GTA, or more, her gaming prowess and engaging personality have made her a beloved figure among gamers and esports enthusiasts.

Nishant ‘Willy Gaming’ Williams:

Switching gears, we have Nishant Williams, better known as Willy Gaming. Starting as a professional cricketer, he transitioned into content creation with a focus on games like PUBG Mobile. In just a short time, his venture into content creation has gained significant momentum, showcasing his versatility and deep passion for gaming.

Ankkita ‘Ankkita C’ Chauhan:

Ankkita Chauhan, aka ‘Ankkita C,’ an emerging star in the Indian gaming community. Streaming since July 2018, Ankkita has quickly become a respected female gamer. Her passion and dedication have rightfully earned her a spot among the gaming elite in India.

Animesh ‘8bit Thug’ Agarwal:

Animesh Agarwal, famous as 8bit Thug, a prominent personality in the gaming community. Beyond excelling as a gamer and YouTuber, he is the visionary founder of the highly successful esports team, 8bit. Animesh’s unwavering commitment to gaming and content creation has firmly established him as a prominent influencer within the Indian gaming landscape.

Shagufta ‘Xyaa’ Iqbal:

Shagufta Iqbal, or ‘Xyaa,’ is a prominent Indian gaming YouTuber and live streamer. As one of the few leading female gaming creators in India, Xyaa keeps her audience entertained with live streams and intense gameplay videos featuring various games like UNO, Battlefield, Minecraft, GTA V, God Of War, and more.

Dynamo Gaming:

Aaditya “Dynamo” Deepak Sawant, an Indian PUBG Mobile influencer and the owner of Team Hydra. He’s not just a streamer; he’s a force in the gaming world, making waves on YouTube.

Shakshi ‘Sharkshe’ Shetty:

Moving on to Sharkshe, also known as Shakshi Shetty, a seasoned gamer and content creator on both YouTube and Instagram. With five years of content creation experience, she focuses on lifestyle content and live streams of popular games like Valorant, GTA 5, Among Us, and more. Sharkshe has firmly established herself as a prominent figure in the gaming community.

Saloni ‘Mili Kya Mili’ Kandalgaonkar:

Saloni Kandalgaonkar, or ‘Mili Kya Mili,’ is a renowned Indian YouTuber and gamer. Rising to fame through BGMI live streams, she has become a sensation in the GTA role-play community, particularly within the VLT RP Server. Mili captivates her audience with immersive GTA 5 role-play experiences, boasting over 224K YouTube subscribers and 114K Instagram followers.

Gulrez ‘Joker Ki Haveli’ Khan:

Gulrez Khan, also known as ‘Joker Ki Haveli,’ is a content creator affiliated with the prestigious S8UL Organization in India. Emerging from a middle-class background, Gulrez harbours ambitious aspirations of achieving great success in the realms of gaming and content creation. His association with S8UL has firmly established his presence in the gaming community.