People may want to increase their brain capacity for a variety of reasons, including to maintain mental acuity or to focus better at work or school. Brain games can sharpen our mental attention, boost our memory, and help us with skills like strategic planning and difficult problem-solving. There are a tonne of different brain games to try. The top 6 brain teasers you can play in 2022 are listed below.


A logic-based number placement game is sudoku. To win, we must use logic to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers, that each row, column, and the nine 3×3 sub-grids contain a number between 1 and 9. Discover the game of Sudoku and how to solve sudoku problems. The game puts our capacity for deductive reasoning, logic, and short-term memory to the test. We must plan ahead and follow chains of logic to complete a Sudoku puzzle. This planning method improves our ability to focus and recall information.


In the word game Scrabble, we combine tiles to create words. It can be played with two or four players. With its emphasis on arithmetic and strategy, Scrabble helps us with our vocabulary and spelling. It sharpens our brains and puts our coordination, imagination, and focus to the test.


As the name implies, the brain game solitaire is played alone. Solitaire calms and relaxes our minds, in contrast to numerous cognitive games that demand our attention. It is a game that we can play alone at any time, usually with cards. These games have many advantages and demand focus, patience, and critical thinking. Solitaire is an excellent brain-training game because it challenges our focus and memory.


Riddles are deceptive or perplexing questions presented as a challenge to be overcome or guessed. They improve our capacity for logic and reasoning. Riddles can be expressed as queries, claims, or phrases. Some riddle games put a variety of intriguing and perplexing challenges in front of us. To get past these challenges, we need to use logic and creative thinking.

Jigsaw Puzzle

The goal of a jigsaw puzzle is to piece together a picture by interlocking a collection of tiles or puzzle pieces. One of the most unwinding mental games is one that has been played for generations. Jigsaw puzzles offer a variety of advantages. It strengthens short-term memory, engages both sides of our brains (the left and right), and reduces stress. Taking some time off can be a great solitary activity.


Chess is a two-player board game where players compete to control each other’s king. It simulates a conflict between two kingdoms each player starts with 16 pieces on their side, and each piece can only move in one direction across the board. One of the best brain games for enhancing strategic thinking, it requires the player to consider every move that the opponent might make and aids in the development of working memory.

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