If you bring your laptop or Chromebook on your commute, whether you’re riding the train, bus, or in a carpool, you can kill time by playing fun offline games.

You’ll be amused and interested in playing more with these free and enjoyable Chrome gaming alternatives. The fact that you can play them offline is the best part.


Spelunky is a game about exploring caves, and each time you play, you learn something new since the structure of the cave changes. As you go through as many caverns as you can, your goal is to gather as much treasure as you can.

You’ll come across obstacles to avoid and dangers to conquer along the route, so it’s a good thing you have your dependable rope to assist you to go through the caverns with ease.

Basket & Ball

Check out Basket & Ball for a distinctive basketball gaming experience. The straightforward objective of getting your ball into the basket rapidly becomes more difficult due to the numerous riddles you must solve and perilous obstructions in your path. To reach your destination, utilize trampolines to avoid spikes and watch out for fire.

To control your basketball and bounce, use the arrow keys and the space bar. You can make the power jump you need to go over some barriers by quickly pressing the Space key. Although challenging, Basket & Ball is also a lot of fun.

When everything else fails, a solid game of solitaire is always an excellent choice. There are nine distinct modes available in this Chrome edition, including Klondike, Pyramid, Free Cell, and Spider.

The cards may be moved about by dragging them to the appropriate positions, or by clicking a card, it will move to the position that is most clear to you. The game has an undo function and a hint system. By achieving the highest score in the shortest amount of time, you can test yourself. This offline version of Solitaire is sure to appeal to fans of the game.

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