Do you want the peaceful tranquility of a game like Minecraft but don’t want to play it? Or perhaps you’ve seen everything the game has to offer for the time being and want to try something different. There are a lot of Minecraft-like games out there, and some of them are fantastic substitutes.

Of course, it’s difficult to follow up on such a popular product, but some bold developers have succeeded admirably. Some are exclusively focused on survival, while others include unforeseen factors such as violent zombies. But which one should you rip into first? What you’re looking for is the determining factor.

Roblox is more of a game creation platform than a game. As a result, there are thousands of player-created games available, each offering a unique experience. Because Legos are made up of bricks, the entire world of Lego Worlds is built out of Lego bricks. You’ve probably heard of Fortnite, but you may not have tried the game mode that got it all started.

The Save the World mode in the free-to-play game isn’t a battle royale game at all, but rather a delightful sandbox mode where you may build whatever you want. In Rust, your major goal is to ensure your survival, which is similar to your goal in Minecraft. The primary gameplay of Minecraft, voxel-based mining and building, is expanded to space in Space Engineers.