We are having some playing games that are good for your brain

Time To Bed To Molar Madness: Games Which Are Healthy For Brain To Play

Brain-training games are used by people of all ages to enhance cognitive performance and delay cognitive aging. Research that supports them suggests that, when played over an extended period of time, brain-training games may enhance cognition, memory, reaction time, logic skills, and other metrics.

Try some of these games and pursuits to amuse yourself while stimulating your mind. . They may help you become more focused and mentally fit.


Short-term memory is necessary for the placement game known as Sudoku. You must plan ahead and follow chains of logic to solve a Sudoku puzzle. For example, putting a 6 in one box means that the next box must contain an 8 and the one after that a 4, and so on. Enhancing short-term memory and concentration through this kind of planning.


One of the oldest and most reputable programs for mental exercise and brain training is Lumosity. To play three games each day for free, you can create a free account. For access to additional games, you can sign up for a subscription service.

Science underpins the enjoyable games, quizzes, and activities on Lumosity for brain training and mental fitness.


Crossword puzzles are a tried-and-true method of exercising the brain since they access memory across a wide range of subject areas as well as verbal language. Crossword puzzles can be completed in a variety of methods, both offline and online. A crossword puzzle can be found in almost every daily newspaper.

Molar Madness

The bouncing character in this bizarre downward-scrolling shooter game makes me think of Bounder a little bit. A sizable portion of the background and a few strange animated blobs on the ground are shootable. There are a lot of fun attack waves to blast as well.

According to Steve, the game was merely meant to be a cartoony mashup of Commando and Bounder—an intriguing combo! Steve wanted more targets, which was a concept found in Blast. According to Steve, backgrounds weren’t as important to game mechanics back then, so he wanted the option to blow up anything that could be seen.

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